About HHC Foundation

The HAPPINESS Health Care (HHC) Foundation, a Non-for Profit organisation started out originally as an educational initiative led by Dr. Theddeus Iheanacho, (Yale University), Dr. Charles Dike (Yale University), Dr. Emeka Nwefoh (CBM International) and Dr. Chinyere Aguocha (Imo State University Teaching Hospital).  They collaborated with stakeholders to kickstart the HAPPINESS Project (Health Action for Psychiatric Problems In Nigeria including Epilepsy and Substances), a pioneering program based in Imo State, Nigeria.


The HAPPINESS project 1) trains and retrains clinicians (Community Health Extension Workers, General and Psychiatric Nurses and General Medical Doctors) from primary health care centers to create awareness on mental health, screen for mental, neurological and substance use disorders, provide evidence-based treatments and make appropriate specialist referrals using the World Health Organization's mental health gap action programme (mhGAP) tools; 2) uses mobile technology to provide voice, text and video-based continuing education for trainees, as well as provide physician support, supervision and referral platform; 3) utilizes a drug revolving fund (DRF) to provide basic psychotropic and anti-epileptic medications in an affordable and sustained way.


The HHC foundation has evolved rapidly since then and is currently working with several partners that has supported the development and piloting of the HAPPINESS Project to scale up and sustain the project across Imo and other states in Nigeria. Partners: Imo State University Teaching Hospital, Imo State Primary Health Care Development Agency, Imo State Ministry of Health, Yale University School of Medicine, CBM International and ROW Foundation.  

A significant factor limiting access to mental health care in Nigeria is the acute shortage of  mental health specialists. 

Our Mission

To increase access to effective treatments for mental, neurological and substance use disorders.  To improve community health screening, preventive care and wellness using mobile technology . 


Our Vision

To empower our communities through education, training, advocacy and inclusion .

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